Philip Henkin

About Philip Henkin

Dr. Henkin didn't start out in school with the goal of becoming a neurosurgeon. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) gave him a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering in 1985. Henkin worked in his field for a couple of years as an International Engineering Consultant before deciding to go to medical school. He went to Ohio State University and got his MD in 1991. From 1991 to 1998, he did his residency in surgery at the well-known Duke University Medical Center.

Complex Reconstruction of the Spine: Some health problems are too complicated to be treated with minimally invasive surgery. "Open" surgery may be needed if the deformity is very bad or there is a lot of damage. Usually, this is the last thing to try if other treatments, like physical therapy, braces, or even minimally invasive surgery, haven't helped relieve pain or restore function. Some conditions that may need complex spinal reconstruction are Spinal tumors, Spinal abnormalities, Scoliosis, and Degenerative disc disease.

Because this type of surgery is open, there is more room for error and a higher chance of problems. So, the best choice is a skilled surgeon with a lot of experience. Dr. Henkin has been a surgeon for over 30 years and has a lot of training and certifications that make him the best person to do complex reconstructive surgeries.

Patients of Dr. Philip Henkin say that their pain from a wide range of spinal conditions has gone down a lot. A lot of people's lives were saved. This is undeniable proof that great education and more than 20 years of experience make a great surgeon and good results for patients.